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    [Lyrics] Thieves of Thunder 02:37
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    [Lyrics] Ridin' 04:35
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    [Lyrics] Hall of Champions 04:08
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    [Lyrics] Coffin Built For Two 04:09
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    [Lyrics] Gasoline (For My Party Machine) 03:53
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    [Lyrics] We Don't Party 02:44
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    Satanotron Rising 04:34
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    [Lyrics] Tastes Like Bleach 03:07
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    Balls of Steel 05:47
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    Baby I'm The King (Theme from Nebular: King of the Aquatus) 02:06
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    [Info] Cheap Beer 03:10
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    Spank Bank 04:24
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    [Info] Whiskey on my Mind (Herman's Hideaway Version) 05:43
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    [Info] Hell's House Band 03:22
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    [Info] I'm a Machine 03:23
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    Devil Went Down To Georgia 03:28
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    Whiskey on my Mind (Gothic Theater Version) 05:51
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    [Lyrics] Big Plans 04:29
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    [Info] Hell Yeah, Back Door 04:05
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    [Info] Ridin' 04:24
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    [Info] Hell's House Band 03:21
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    [Info] Balls of Steel 05:11
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    [Info] I'm a Machine 03:02
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    [Info] The Devil Went Down To Georgia 03:27
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    [Info] Whiskey On My Mind 05:38
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    [Info] Mama Ain't Home 03:23
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    [Info] Liquored Up In Lockdown 03:55
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    [Info] Fiends For Excess 03:48
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    [Info] Mount Up 10:33
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    [Lyrics] You Ain't Nothin' Special 04:27
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    Mount Up 04:29
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    [Lyrics] Talk All Day (Don't Say Shit) 03:17
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    [Lyrics] Don't Make Me Hurt You 02:42
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    [Lyrics] Halfway To The Halfway House 03:50
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    Jesus Hellraiser Christ 04:35
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    All My Heroes Are In Hell 03:15
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    Cheatin' Up 02:43

Motherfuckin' Shows


Westword Music Showcase

Denver, CO


Coming Soon!

$30 Age limit: All ages

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Wilson w/ MF Ruckus

Bluebird Theater, 3317 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO


"Wilson is not a fucking "internet band". They’re five dudes in a van with beards and big dicks- working harder than your parents. But instead of giving their all as stockbrokers or auto-mechanics or assistant branch managers their job is to destroy your party. Forget debates about the music industry, about download analytics, mp3 singles, and the “charts”. Screw genres. All that has nothing to do with music. But when that Wilson van cruises into your town that shit is REAL. Real MUSIC. Real LIFE. Real LOUD. Real SWEATY. And real fucking FUN.

You know who is FUN? Matt Puhy defines fun. What’s more fun than a naught flirty blonde with washboard abs that knows how to handle his “stixxx”? That bangs it out harder every night than you did the first time you took E.

What about SWEATY? Yeah that’s right- Jason Spencer gets sweaty. That’s what happens when you treat a fret-board likes it’s a ninja war, and you relentlessly SHRED EVERYTHING IN YOUR PATH FOR AN HOUR. When the sweat drips all the way from his head down his well-muscled body down to his huge heavy balls- he’s just begun. Probably still warming up.

LOUD. Kyle Landry defies loud. His ice blue eyes are silent. He doesn’t small talk or “chit chat”. But when he could only get his amp to go to “11” he threw it in the fucking garbage. Then he built a new one out of raw iron, testosterone and grizzly bear semen. And all the unsaid things he hides behind those quiet blue eyes come out of that amp louder than Skrillex’s cries for help if his DJ hand got caught in a blender.

As for real MUSIC, James Lascu’s DNA coils into the shape of a bass clef. Don’t believe me? Ask a scientist, douche-bag or just get the wax out of your ears. Subwoofers tremble when he plugs in. Then he makes them sing like Maria Callas. #S&M Sadism and melody.

Real LIFE. Isn’t there a voice inside your head? That screams “BULLSHIT” all the time? That wants to tell the world how you feel? That voice is the CHAD NICEFIELD in you. The real life drilling its way to the surface. Telling the truths that you were afraid to. The moaning screams that you thought were all your own. Real words. Real thoughts. Real life. That’s all Chad knows. And he can see that all in you.

And that’s it. That’s Wilson. A band that has toured relentlessly since since 2010, through big cities and little podunks. A band that records its albums the ol’ fashioned way: with instruments. And analog gear. Fifth and sixth and twentieth takes. A band that brings that last Friday night on Earth mentality to the stage every night. Like P. Diddy once said “Can’t stop. Won’t stop.” And they’ll never quit on you. And that’s real talk. That’s #FUCKERY. And that’s WILSON."

$10 Age limit: All ages

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Motherfuckin' Blog

MF Rummage Sale Episode 1 

How'd you like to...
  • Support independent music?
  • See that Denver, Colorado and US Rock Music is represented in a European music festival?
  • Help a groovy group of dudes show some German people a good 'ol time?
We've had our mixed results with crowdfunding. We're trying a new approach. We're having a garage sale...NAY! AN MF RUMMAGE SALE!!!

Watch this video to find out more!

Bruce Banner Bowl, Thieves of Thunder coming to CD and an unexpected little side project.... 

Howdy there Ruckusteers (sorry. I promise never to use that term again. Hope it doesn't catch on.)

It's been a little while since I've dropped an update. Ty and Jessi's wedding had us all a little preoccupied. For those of you who missed it, it was an incredible experience for everyone involved. So many friends and family from out of town, so much fun, so many zany times. There's something that happens when two people get married and their loved ones are 100% behind them. It's difficult to express in this blog entry, but trust me, it was beautiful. Everything from the bachelor party to the impromptu show at Hi-Dive days later was an absolute blast. I personally would like to take a moment to take all of our friends who came out from Chicago, Houston, Reno, California, Oklahoma City and elsewhere; The AMAZING staff at The Oriental Theater; and all the other folks who showed their support for Ty and Jessi.

So what's coming down the pipe?

First, as I'm sure you're well aware, we have been asked to perform as main support for one of our favorite bands in the world, Murphy's Law. Oh the stories we could tell...and will tell! Soon, I'll be making an appearance on Metalix to talk to B-Lo about some of the best party moments I can't actually remember from Murphy's Law shows in the past. The show is April 18th 2015 at the Oriental Theater. The event is being called the Bruce Banner Bowl, so named after the strain of weed engineered by Dark Horse Genetics. Cannabis Cup Weekend. Weed. Duuuuuuude.

To get ourselves warmed up for this gig, we'll be making appearances in some of our favorite spots: Oklahoma City, OK; Denton, TX; Amarillo, TX; Albuquerque, NM and Fort Collins, CO. Details will be listed here on the website.

We will be releasing Thieves of Thunder on CD for that run of shows as well! So all you non-tech-savvy folks who've been breaking our balls can just slow your roll! We will be putting a different merch item on sale every day starting in March to raise money for the printing, so help us out and get yourself some cheap merch!

We've also been working on a monthly residency at a yet-to-be-announced venue. We'll be performing Soul/R&B/Motown/Etc.. We're thinking of calling ourselves "McFly and the DeLoreans". So that's been neat. 

Anyway, that's all for now...

Further bulletins as events warrant...


Aaron Howell

Returning to the Northwest! 

We needed a weekend away.

Figured the best place for a little out of town trip would be one of our favorite places in the country, the Pacific Northwest!

We can't wait to come out and play some of the stuff from the new record for ya! 

See y'all at the shows!

Good gravy! An epic week begins!!! Podcast

So in case we haven't been blowing up the interwebs enough, we'd like to clear up any confusion as to whether or not we're completely fucking stoked this week! 6 shows and a new album to send your way! Thanks to the hard work of the one and only Steve Goldberg, "Thieves of Thunder" is complete and ready to go inside you ear first. Here's the official press release:

MF Ruckus doesn't try to reinvent the wheel, but they do steal it's hubcaps on "Thieves of Thunder". 
Forget about music for a second. In fact, forget about music for several seconds and instead, let's think about food. How often will you go out for a really fancy gourmet meal? A few times a year maybe? What about something really crazy like molecular gastronomy or maybe one of those wonky restaurants where they use artificial flavoring and skillful airbrushing techniques to simulate carnivorous meals for curious herbivores? Once, maybe twice in your entire life? Now, what about a burger? What about a burrito? What about a really killer burrito? Think of that place in town you go to for burritos. That's right.You know the one. It's that place you've defended to the point that casual conversation turns to that kind of heated battle reserved only for matters of personal taste. Oh yeah. That's the fuckin' burrito I'm talking about. You're their #1 customer. You kept the doors open for their first shaky year. You spread the gospel of their greatness far and wide, online and in the real world. You feel like a shareholder, a godparent and a holy missionary. This is the best burrito on the planet, as far as you're concerned. This is your burrito. There are many like it, but this one is yours.
Ok...remember music again. Read back the preceding paragraph and unlock the magical world of metaphor by using this key:
Food  = Music
Burritos = Rock n Roll
Your Burrito = MF Ruckus
Motherfucking Ruckus or MF Ruckus for use in polite company, is a true Rock n Roll band. Period. They see little use for sub genres as they are often synonymous with pigeonholes. Instead, MF Ruckus emulates and assimilates the skills and attributes of Rock's greatest warriors, using them as weapons of domination in the arena of songwriting and live performance (like if Shang Tsung from Mortal Kombat were a badass rocker dude). On their latest album, "Thieves of Thunder", one can detect elements derived from Thin Lizzy, Rose Tattoo, Iron Maiden, Motörhead, Valient Thorr, Turbonegro, Dio and Murphy's Law. There are, however, two primary factors which show "Thieves of Thunder" to stand in contrast to the band's live debut release "The Dirty Half Dozen" (2013). The introduction and addition of Parker Clark Whitton as guitar player and contributing songwriter, for one, and second, the expertise and skills of engineer/co-producer Steve Goldberg (Guitar, Cephalic Carnage; Engineer, Speedwolf's "Ride with Death").
MF Ruckus will be celebrating the release of "Thieves of Thunder" with a series of short tours throughout 2014 all starting with a big release party at 3 Kings Tavern in Denver, CO on Saturday April 25th 2014. The free show, sponsored by Sailor Jerry Rum and Breckenridge Brewery, will feature a live unveiling of album artwork by Joshua Finley, giveaways, cheap booze, free full album download cards given to all in attendance, a vinyl pre-order station provided by Self Destructo Records, DJ sets by Double Trouble and live performances by Warhawk, Throttlebomb and, of course, MF Ruckus. 
Take a bite of the Rock Burrito. 
  1. Thieves of Thunder

Farewell to Summer, Harvest of Rock and More! 

As September draws to a close, we look back on the passing Summer as one of the greatest of our lives. In case you didn't catch us on tour, you can see what you missed by checking out our Instagram Feed. Boy, we sure abused the hell out of instagram, as well as ourselves, for those sweet, savage 28 days. 

After the torrential shit-staorm that was tour, the UMS, The Westword Music showcase and the release of our new album The Dirty Half Dozen, we decided it was time to take a little break...that is until we got the call to play with one of our favorite bands in the world, VALIENT THORR! Man, that show was so awesome! Even for a Monday night, every band on that stage threw down like a comet was headed for Earth and they'd never get another chance. Valient Thorr, Lord Dying and Ramming Speed were all totally solid dudes and I don't mind saying that we ripped pretty hard our own selves (pats self on back).

Now, we are gearing up for a pretty big Fall:

Following shipment of The Dirty Half Dozen to our loyal and patient Kickstarter backers, we will be embarking on a great promotional quest to media outlets around the globe. Initial response from the media has been quite favorable. Check out these links to see for yourself:
We will be hosting a real sonofabitchin' Rock show this fall as well!
Saturday Nov. 2nd, we will be joined by Potato Pirates, The Motorleague, Dead Temple and The Outta Controllers for Harvest of Rock at Moe's BBQ South in Englewood, CO. Tickets are available HERE. BE SURE TO BUY EARLY! Tickets go from $7 to $10 day of show! We're going to see what we can do to get some freebies to cheapos soon, so stay tuned for that.

That same week, we will begin initial tracking for our studio album Thieves of Thunder which is slotted for release in spring of 2014. TOUR TO FOLLOW!!!!

If you haven't gotten yourself a copy of The Dirty Half Dozen yet, you can now find it on iTunes, Spotify and most importantly, on our website MFRUCKUS.COM

That's all for now friends!


Aaron & MF Ruckus



It's been way too long and we've been starting to go a little stir-crazy being stuck at home this long! See what happens when you don't go on tour! People have kids, people get jobs....OUR PETS' HEADS ARE FALLING OFF!!!

What we're trying to say is, WE'RE GOING ON FUCKING TOUR!!!!

That's right! after well over a year long road hiatus, MF Ruckus is back in action and ready to put the pedal to the floor in support of our new live CD/DVD The Dirty Half Dozen. At the special surprise screening last month, we got some incredible reponse. Lots of laughs, lots of applause and even a few tears. We cannot wait for you guys to see what we've made. So, this summer 2013, we will be embarking on a tour of totally sensible and managable proportions (about 3 weeks, give or take).

Here's the schedule so far:

Friday June 21st - Denver, CO - 3 Kings Tavern - RECORD RELEASE PARTY!
Saturday June 22nd - Denver, CO - Special Event TBA (*wink*)
Sunday June 23rd - Grand Junction, CO - Sabrosa Restaurante
Monday June 24th - Boise, ID - Liquid Lounge - 1332 Records Presents: Punk Monday
Tuesday June 25th - Spokane, WA - Carr's Corner
Wednesday June 26th - Poulsbo, WA - Helter Skelter
Thursday June 27th - Everett, WA - Tony V's Garage w/ Spittin' Cobras and Mind Vice
Friday June 28th - Seattle, WA - Slim's Last Chance w/ Witchburn, Zero Down and Tarantula Hawk
Saturday June 29th - Portland, OR - Ash Street Saloon w/ My New Vice
Sunday June 30th - Salem, OR - Blacklite Bar
Monday July 1st -  Medford, OR - Johnny B's Rockin' Diner
Tuesday July 2nd - Arcata, CA - TBA
Wednesday July 3rd - Oakland, CA - Stork Club
Thursday July 4th - South Lake Tahoe, CA - TBA
Friday July 5th - Fullerton, CA - Slide Bar w/ Cornfed Project
Saturday July 6th - San Diego, CA - The Shakedown Bar w/ MIDNIGHT EAGLE, SHOTGUNS N GASOLINE & JACK AND THE B-FISH
Sunday July 7th - Fullerton, CA - Burger Records - 7:00 PM In-Store performance
Sunday July 7th - Los Angeles, CA - Redwood Bar
Monday July 8th - Phoenix, AZ - Deadhorse
Tuesday July 9th - Albuquerque, NM - Sister Bar
Wednesday July 10th - Amarillo, TX - Leftwoods
Thursday July 11th - Austin, TX - Headhunters
Friday July 12th - Houston, TX - Mango's w/ ESE
Saturday July 13th - Dallas, TX - TBA
Sunday July 14th - Baton Rouge, LA - TBA
Monday July 15th - Oklahoma City, OK - TBA
Tuesday July 15th - Salina, KS - TBA
Thursday July 17th-Sunday July 20th - Denver, CO - Underground Music Showcase (Specific performance info TBA)

Now that is a tour! You might be asking yourself, "What can I do to help?"

Here's some ideas:

First and foremost, tell your friends. Spread the word around! By mouth, by computer or by carrier pigeon, the best thing you can do is to pass the world along and bring folks to the shows!

Share information with us! See a "TBA" on our schedule? Suggest a club, band or alternate city we should know about. Although the TBA's are in the works, they are not set in stone, so we are always welcome to your feedback. Know a good place to send posters? Tell us about it! Know about a good podcast, radio show, etc? Let us know!

Above all else...PARTY! Yes, we like to make music, yes we love to travel, but the main purpose of this tour is to have fun with our friends. Take the next day off work, plan around the show and let's have ourselves a good time!

See you on the road!

MF Ruckus


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